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“New Hope” just as this noun describes, I Mr. Eyama Japheth felt if children who lost their beloved parents either both or single and end up in care of guardians who can offer  them care, accommodation, medication, guardianship, love, guiding and counselling plus quality education then this will be another new opportunity in life to enable them realize their dreams.

The genesis of New Hope Children’s Home ( Orphanage) started way back in 2004 with mission and vision of taking care of orphaned, abandoned children from street families in our society particularly in Kenya  Mombasa county, Kisauni sub- county, Junda ward in slums shanties of Mshomoroni. We do take care of both genders and accept Christians and Muslims too, which are the common religion in Kenya. We started in a rental building with 7 children 3 girls and 4 boys by then, and after one year of operation we had a challenge in financing their education so, I Japheth as the brain child of this vision I came up with long term idea of putting up New Hope Community School to educate children from our Centre plus a good number  from our neighborhood, who could not secure learning opportunities in our public overpopulated institutions or couldn’t afford costly education from private academic institutions.

We are very proud of our late generous supportive donor Mr. John Williams’ of harvest limited Naivaisha who paid our rent of Ksh. 35,000 from 2005 May until his death in 2021.  May his soul “Rest in internal peace” Mr. Mike Kirkland of Southern cross safaris came on board as from June 2005 to donate meals worthy Ksh. 64,000 monthly until covid  – 19 pandemic struck the world which forced him lay off his staffs but still maintained his generous of donations though reduced to Ksh. 28,000 averagely per month to date.

Currently New Hope children’s Home and community school has managed to see a good number of children go through pre- school, Primary, secondary and finally universities and colleges some are working i.e Dishon Muhabash graduated 7 years ago as an actuarial scientist with 2nd upper class degree and he works with NIC Bank of Kenya as a Banker, Sharon primary school Teacher,  secondary school Teacher, Emmanuel Baraka High school Teacher, Kevin Imbenzi High school Teacher too, Joseph Esilo – carpenter, Joseph Obugu an accountant and Micheal Odwour High school Teacher particularly science subjects. Kevin Nurse Aid, Rodgers works in an army office cadet in Kenyan Army, Mackrey Omondi pursuing his medical course in Nairobi University and many more. Just to name a few whom have changed their social status and whom we are all proud of.

In 2007 we managed to purchase land financed by Havelton  limited from England through one of our former volunteer Miss Lucy and build a two Stoney building by help or financed by New Hope In Sweden our pre-school and primary Building has 23 classrooms, one computer lab, library, staff room and administration offices.



Years of Experience


Years of Experience

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With partnership of generous volunteers coordinated by Alice of formerly I to I we have had manpower in teaching in classrooms, outdoor activities i.e. singing, dancing, swimming and influencing reading culture in our learners, which has been very helpful in academic foundation of our learners at large. Our schools have managed to admit our learners in many  senior academic giants institutions e.g. Starehe   girls, Starehe Boys, Mpesa foundation , Precious girls Kilungu and many more not forgetting Kenswed school in Nairobi –  Ngong’  currently  we have 17 learners who are proceeding with their secondary Education 4 years academic scholarships.

Thanks a million to all who have contributed to this immerse support coordinated by mama Elisabet of “New Hope Sweden.”


Mushomoroni Mombasa. Kenya



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