Volunteer with Us

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For number of years since 2006 we have worked with volunteers global in development and daily progress of our project i.e. in field of teaching in class, reading loudly, outdoor activities i.e. singing and dancing, football, volleyball, cooking, washing utensils for our kids at the orphanage, dental services, deworming and in physical construction and general repairs.

How to volunteer

Visa Application

Apply volunteer visa on Kenya homepage/ Immigration.


State duration of your volunteer period.

Good Conduct

Certificate of Good Conduct a regulation by UNICEF.

Volunteer form

Fill volunteer application form and forward to us, once we receive and approve, we will draft you a letter to enable you apply your visa (volunteer visa).

Book Flight

Then you book your flight of your choice at your cost. We do airport pick up in and back at reasonable fees/ charges.


 We do organize for accommodation in close affordable hotels within reach and convenient to commute back and forth.

Volunteer Approval

After volunteer ship application approval, get:

Malaria vaccine.
Yellow fever vaccine.


Covid - 19 certificate

Mushomoroni Mombasa. Kenya



Open Hours:

Mon-Sat: 9am - 6pm